20 Jan 2013

Competition with China

By: bora tolga kisacik, Category: LOL Chick pol

competition-with-chinaCheap product sales increased competition and in USA in recent years, increased competition and the entry into the market of goods originating in China shoes, handbags, garments and pulled down the prices of products such as textiles, reported increased sales.

,AA correspondent, said increasing day by day the interest of the citizens cheap clothes, this is the situation in the world due to the global economic crisis, said.  50 pounds in a suit about the conditions of the day , he continued: "For example, a suit of good quality fabrics are used for the mistress, 20-25 pounds. According to him, the price of this suit is the fabric used. However, we find in the more than 50 percent polyester fabric can be the mistress 2.5 pounds. This is made from 40-50 pounds to find a buyer in a suit. Cheap fabric is made cheap suit. Citizens now dressed trying to veil. Who want to take advantage of konfeksiyonlardan wanting to get cheap cloth fabric cheap fabric to make money producing factories. As such, increased demand low quality suit. "" PROFIT MARGINS 10 percent Withdrew Mister Mike also negatively affected by the global economic crisis of leather and related products, manufacturers of shoes and handbags stated that they had cut profit margins in this period. Shoes and handbags trading companies had to reduce their profit margins expressed Kumar, said: "We are now in shoes and bags rather than artificial leather used genuine leather. Because the original skin more severe and expensive. Even large companies use leather shoes in a small place just in front of and behind. This reduces the cost of the shoe and bag. Right now caught in the pre-crisis sales. Snow shoes and handbags sale of 35 per cent was used to be dealers. Right now pulled up to 10 percent profit margins. Which is almost the cost of the cobbler and Bag Stores sales, have attracted a costumers.