09 Feb 2013

What Is Faux Leather?

By: bora tolga kisacik, Category: LOL Chick pol

what-is-faux-leatherFaux leather is a fabric that looks like leather, but is actually made out of other materials. It's commonly used to make a wide range of products, including garments and shoes, furniture and vehicle seats, and electronics accessories. Also known as leatherette, pleather, or Naugahyde®, this material is often cheaper and more versatile than real leather, but may not be as high-quality.

There are different types of Faux Leather:

A. The first one is made by Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polyurethane (PU)

 PU Leather is when a Polyurethane sheet is applied to thin leather back when used in the furniture industry. A leather pattern can be stamped on the PU to make it look and feel like top grain leather.

On the other hand PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride is also manufactured in a similar manner but is normally placed on a cotton or polyester backing. Pattern can also be applied to the surface. PVC can be a more durable surface than PU, but does not feel like leather.


B. The second is made by coating a fabric like cotton or polyester with a flexible polymer and then treating it to look more like animal hide.

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium. The fiber is almost pure cellulose. Under natural condition, the cotton balls will tend to increase the dispersion of the seeds.

As for Polyester, it is a term often defined as “long-chain polymers chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester and a dihydric alcohol and a terephthalic acid”. In other words, it means the linking of several esters within the fibers. Reaction of alcohol with carboxylic acid results in the formation of esters.

Polyester also refers to the various polymers in which the backbones are formed by the “esterification condensation of polyfunctional alcohols and acids”.

It is better to understand the elements that a certain fabric consists so we can easily determine the quality.

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