28 Mar 2013

Best Fabric Choice : Makes It Blend Well

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Best Fabric Choice : Makes It Blend Well

best-fabric-choice-makes-it-blend-wellIt is very important to choose the right type of fabrics covered when it comes to upholstered furniture because it already indicates the quality and taste. Not just that, upholstery fabric also makes a direct statement regarding a home and its owners more than other decorating choices will do.

There are so many fabric types to choose from including cloth, types of leather and high-end synthetics, along with patterns, solids and prints, customers that we should consider on basic decorating and shopping questions. Aside from these, we also need to consider the differences between the many fabric types. 

Let’s start with this: What type of furniture piece is being covered and its character and sensibility?

Usually traditional furniture becomes more stunning and beautiful when you cover it with traditional styles of fabrics. It is also important to make sure that pattern scale will appear appropriate to the size of room. Larger and repeating patterns look better in larger rooms.

You should also keep in mind that the colors will dictate the mood o the room. In reality, the color of the upholstery drives the choice of people but there is an instance that not all colors offer the same levels of durability and stain resistance.

Example: If you have large family with many guess, children are often running around and jumping around, you have three big Labradors that keep on sleeping on the sofa, you might consider to choose darker colored fabrics that do not show dirt easily.

In this type of scenario, it will require you to have a fabric with high durability. Choose tough, tightly woven fabrics for pieces subject to heavy wear and tear every day.

Also, keep in mind to choose fabrics that offer stain resistance if furniture will be exposed to constant direct sunlight. For tailoring, pull fabric covers tightly and avoid snags and unwanted tucks and dimples. Align patterns such as checks and plaids and make sure they match.

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