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Basic Guide On Reupholstering Furniture

basic-guide-on-reupholstering-furnitureDo you have some existing furniture that is in great shape, has sentimental value, or you just don’t want to get rid of? Instead of spending a fortune on new furniture as old furniture becomes dated, or worn, consider reupholstering.

Reupholstering is simply replacing the old cover of furniture to a new one. It is a convenient and affordable way to revamp your room adding style and personality. It is also a way to save some money while doing your custom upholstered furniture.

On re-upholstering your furniture, there are some guides that will help. Here are they.

    1.       Choose the right fabrics.

Most of us base the types or quality of a fabric base on how does it look, but, it is more than a color that we need to consider. I’m not saying that color is not important, because it is important. It will give the mood, feel and energy of the house. It will show the owners personality and uniqueness. Aside from the color, there is also one factor that we need to consider and that is the durability.

All fabrics set to be used for upholstery should undergo this test to confirm durability. The higher the rub test results, the harder wearing the fabric will be. See below for a rough guide on the types of use for fabrics in relation to their rub test results;

Under 12,000 rubs: this fabric should be used for upholstery on decorative furniture only; for example a bedroom chair that is never really used.

2,000- 15,000 rubs: this fabric is more suited to occasional furniture in the home; therefore furniture which isn’t used very often.

20,000- 30,000 rubs: this fabric is seen as ideal to be used for general household furniture, such as sofas and armchairs.

30,000- 40,000 rubs: this fabric is very hardwearing and can be used for furniture receiving a lot of use in the home or furniture for commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants and cafes.

     2.       After determining the right fabric, make sure you purchase them in accordance to the measure of  the furniture you are trying to upholster.

    3.       Prepare the things you will need.

To begin you will need the follow:

        -a pair of needle nose pliers 
        -glue gun
        -a staple gun or upholstery tacks
        -sharp scissors
        -welting, which is cloth used as trim along the edges of the furniture
        -cotton batting

It would be much better if you have a help from a more practiced person on re-upholstering. There are different way to upholster different types of furniture. The way you re-upholstered a sofa might  not be applicable on reupholstering chair cushion, that is why, it is also really helpful that we have a guide from someone professional or well knowledgeable with this.

Written by bora tolga kisacik — March 31, 2013


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