02 Apr 2013

Upholstery : Two Main Things

By: bora tolga kisacik, Category: LOL Chick pol

upholstery-two-main-thingsWe cannot deny the fact that Fabric is the prime dictator of the beauty and style of a decoration. It boldly speaks of the character, taste and style of the owner whether it is upholstery, linens or draperies, fabric provides an opportunity to add color, texture, comfort and personality to a room.

Since the fabrics we use on our home reveal our personality and style, it is quite difficult to decide because of many options.

To make it easier for us to choose the right upholstery, there are two main things that we need to consider.

1.    Durability. “No matter how beautiful a fabric is, if it can’t “survive” in your home, it will be a huge disappointment and waste of money” – according to Stoney Creek Furniture.

This is very true. Quality needs to be consider first above all else. However, we are often become blind because of the beautiful color, glamorous design and glitters that make us mesmerize. I don’t say to not to choose beautiful fabrics, but it will be useless if it is not durable enough.

To determine the durability of fabrics, you need to consider everything that might use the upholstered thing, for example a sofa. Does your pet love to sleep on the sofa? Do you live with little kids that often play and run? Is your sofa located in the most crowded portion of the house? Is this fabric easy to clean, easy to get dry or get wet? Does it have high resistance from the sun light? These are the questions that you need to think about.

2.    After determining the durability, the second important thing you need to consider is the color. This element dictates the style, mood, character and taste of the house owner or even the room itself.

Through colors, you can able to customize your room whether you would like to make it formal, semi-formal or editorial.  

For bigger pieces like sofas, neutral is best. You may get tired of a bright or trendy colour very quickly. And neutral for your focal pieces allows you to be adventurous with smaller items (like a side chair or ottoman) and accessories.

These few guidelines will help you to mix and match elements.

1.       If you have small space, don’t go too vivid. It will be much better if you stay on a pattern that is simple and more muted.

2.        Vertical stripes, whether in wallpaper or drapes will emphasize the height of a room.

3.       Choose a busier pattern in your kitchen for table linens and curtains. With neutral cupboards taking up much of the space, pattern adds welcome interest.

4.       In the process of mixing patterns, it will be much better to stay on theme. Silk throw pillows will look out of place with rugged leather furniture. A large tweed cushion will fit better.

5.       Go simple with color. For example, choose grayish blues, soft greens and an occasional pop of coral in a room. Through staying on this color scheme, everything blends, even if the patterns are diverse.