05 Apr 2013

Faux Leather or Real Leather?

By: bora tolga kisacik, Category: LOL Chick pol

Faux Leather or Real Leather

faux-leather-or-real-leatherMost of us would like to use a natural leather. It is obviously more desirable and expensive compare to other types of fabrics. However, if we will only weigh using authentic leather than a faux leather, we can able to see the difference and advantages.

Faux leather is much easier to work with; it is much better suited for any kind of long term interior design use – looking at durability and care & maintenance; it can look and feel the same as natural leather. It is made of chemicals but chemicals (often environmentally damaging ones) are used in the natural leather treatment process.

Faux leather fabrics is durable and low-maintenance. If it’s used on furniture like sofa, chair and couches, we can assure you that aside for being durable, it is also family and pet friendly.

Aside from this, faux leather is a product with a lot of applications for residential and contract upholstery. It's really a performance fabric for people with animals and children and commercial obligations." Hirschhaut also adds that faux leather furniture is UV-fade resistant and easy to clean.

This is not only the pros of using faux leather fabrics. In clining upholstery uses this fabric, you can just use mild, detergent free soap and micro fiber cloth. It can be easily clean.

In terms of price, we cannot deny the fact that it cost half of price a real leather might be.