10 Apr 2013

Fabric Colors, Importance On Interior Designing

By: bora tolga kisacik, Category: LOL Chick pol

fabric-colors-importance-on-interior-designing Color is a major element in scale. A small room can have a larger look by the use of closely related values, hues, and intensity. A large room can be made to look smaller by marked contrasts of color and value, hue, and intensity. Value is one of the most important elements. Whether light or dark, little value contrast makes for unity, and sharper contrast makes for stronger punctuation.

According to Van Day Truex

Now a day, 2013 color pattern are quite sophisticated that invite you to embrace a neutral pallet for your home.  The bright, shocking colors of the last couple seasons will give away to a more soothing backdrop for this year’s trendy accessories, lighting and furniture. Here are the color movements that can we use as a pattern that are not yet late to the trends.

Color Movements

  • Lighter blues and navy increase in importance.
  • Leathery brown becomes more important as a basic.
  • Olive becomes stronger.
  • Purple is still evident.
  • Brights have a singular status for winter.
  • Camel evolves into cappuccino and creamy hues.
  • Yellows become softer and less sporty.
  • Reds are becoming more orange.
  • Traditional winter darks and berry colors are more mid-toned and less blackened.

Modern furniture upholstery fabric patterns, are usually bring the look and feel of excitement, colorful and romantic textiles and home decorating fabrics that reflect interior design trends for 2013.

Modern interior design trends 2013 include bright colors, velvet appliques, colorful stripes, and animal skin and floral motifs. Vivid images and colorful furniture upholstery fabrics and floor rugs highlight the optimistic and organic design trends 2013.

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