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fabrics-and-interior-designFabrics has great influence on home decoration. It is very important for us to understand the importance of fabric selection to finish the look of a room / space.

One effective tool is to understanding characteristics of different fabrics and the best use of each will help to create a more successful interior design.

Cotton: Cotton fabrics often hold patterns well. There are many finishes available, which best suits their use on; draperies, furniture covers, pillows and table linens.

Here are some of it’s characteristics

·         Comfortable Soft hand

·         Good absorbency

·         Color retention

·         Print well

·         Machine washable

·         Dry cleanable

·         Good strength

·         Drapes well

·         Easy to handle and sew

Velvets: Velvets present a more formal appearance. They often come in a range of many colors and have a luxurious feel, but are durable in their elegance. It is a type of woven tuftedfabric in which the cut threads are very evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinct feel.

Nylon / Polyester: Nylon and Polyester fabrics can emulate the look of natural fibers depending upon how they are woven. Sheer fabrics can also be created from these materials, which is great for draperies.

Here are some of their characteristics

·         Strong

·         Resistant to stretching and shrinking

·         Resistant to most chemicals

·         Quick drying

·         Crisp and resilient when wet or dry

·         Wrinkle resistant

·         Mildew resistant

·         Abrasion resistant

·         Retains heat-set pleats and crease

·         Easily washed

These are just an examples of fabrics  and their characteristics that are commonly use in Home Decoration or Interior Designing.

Fabric characteristics are one of the factors we need to consider and it’s not just that, we also nned to learn the right chossing of colors and pattern

Choosing and implementation of Colors and Patterns

Selecting colors and patterns is the next progression of understanding the proper use of fabrics in an interior design project. Many times the best way to select a fabric is to go with your instincts.

Color and pattern selection is something we know well. Give us a call for a consultation or let us visit your home for perfect interior fashions.

Written by bora tolga kisacik — April 14, 2013


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