18 Apr 2013

Faux leather fabrics? You will love this!

By: bora tolga kisacik, Category: LOL Chick pol

faux-leather-fabrics-you-will-love-thisFaux leather fabrics are mainly use for furniture covers but most of us doesn't realize that of all the fabrics, this is the sexiest and best material to use with pants.

Most quality faux leathers cost less than a third of Vinyl or in a real leather. What makes more surprising is that you cannot even tell the difference from them. In fact, most of people are surprised to find out that only the faces of their factory seats are leather and that the sides and backs are a color-matched vinyl. Quality that good almost makes faux leather a no brainer.

It’s more pliable and stretches further than real leather, making the covering of sharp curves a cinch. One most important why you should love faux leather, it is because no animals are being harmed, killed and suffer for the sake of our furniture, house décor or sexy pants.

We at Fabrics Forever designed and continuesly designing beautiful faux leather that we know you will really love. We can assure you that these are all quality fabrics and it will not fail your expectations.